Emergency Dentist in Miami, FL – South Florida Emergency Dentist Dr. Jean Jacques Edderai

Dental Emergencies Tips

What to Do If You Have a Toothache?

  • Rinse the mouth out with warm water to clean it out.
  • Gently use dental floss or an interdental cleaner to ensure that there is no food or other debris caught between the teeth.
  • Never put aspirin or any other painkiller against the gums near the aching tooth because it may burn the gum tissue.
  • If the pain persists, contact Dr. Jean-Jacques Edderai personal line at : 305-798-7999.

What to Do If You Have a Broken Tooth?

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area around the broken tooth.
  • Use cold compresses on the area to keep any swelling down.
  • Call us immediately for emergency dental care @ 305-947-7999 or after hours at 305-798-7799.

Our Emergency dental care treatment is second to none. You won’t be left hanging.

What to Do If Objects Get Caught Between the Teeth?

  • Try to gently remove the object with dental floss; avoid cutting the gums.
  • Never use a sharp instrument to remove any object that is stuck between your teeth.

If you can’t dislodge the object using dental floss contact our Miami Beach dental office @ 305-798-7999


What is a toothache?

“Toothache” usually refers to pain around the teeth or jaws. In most instances, toothaches are caused by tooth or jaw problems, such as a dental cavity, a cracked tooth, an exposed tooth root, gum disease, disease of the jaw joint (temporo- mandibular joint), or spasms of the muscles used for chewing. The severity of a toothache can range from chronic and mild to sharp and excruciating. The pain may be aggravated by chewing or by cold or heat. A thorough oral examination, which includes dental X-rays, can help determine the cause, whether the toothache is coming from a tooth or jaw problem.

Sometimes, a toothache may be caused by a problem not originating from a tooth or the jaw. Pain around the teeth and the jaws can be symptoms of diseases of the heart (such as angina or heart attack), ears (such as inner or external ear infections), and sinuses (air passages of the cheek bones). For example, the pain of angina (inadequate supply of oxygenated blood to the heart muscle because of narrowing of the arteries to the heart) is usually located in the chest or the arm. However, in some patients with angina, a toothache or jaw pain are the only symptoms of their heart problem. Infections and diseases of the ears and sinuses can also cause pain around the teeth and jaws. Therefore, evaluations by both dentists and doctors are sometimes necessary to diagnose medical illnesses causing “toothache.”

Emergency Dentist in Miami, FL – South Florida Emergency Dentist Dr. Jean Jacques Edderai

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